Turf Club and I.N.H.S

Established over 200 years ago, the turf club plays a key role as the guardian of the integrity of Irish horse racing. Nothing is so important to the racegoer and the racing industry than to be certain that everything is above board. The trading of the Turf Club and I.N.H.S can be split into:

A. Racing Administration covers the services which the registry office provides in the on-going administration of horse racing. This involves the registration of all owners, trainers, jockeys and horses. The operation of a banking system for the collection and distribution of all prize money and the administration of entries. The declarations for all races and the programming of all race meetings. It relates to all the administration needs both before and after a race meeting.

B. Racecourse Services represents the services the Turf Club provides to the racecourses on the day of their race meeting. These include the provision of the majority of acting stewards, as well as a team of officials, and various equipment such as starting stalls, patrol cameras and photo finish.

C. The Curragh racecourse and training grounds are owned by the Turf Club and have a seperate management and accounting system. During 1992 there twenty race meetings at the Curragh, and 1275 horses were returned in training on the Curragh grounds.

The Turf Club and the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase committee are the recognised turf authority in Ireland.

Registered Office:
Registry Office,
The Curragh,
Kildare, Ireland.

Tel: (045) 41599
Fax: (045) 41116/41478